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Sumoball got upgrades!

2010-05-08 04:49:30 by ZuiGe

Hay guys!

Yesterday, I made a big change to one of my best known flash submissions. I revised my game Sumoball, which got frontpaged quite a while ago. The submission name was changed to Sumoball 2 and I uploaded a brand new .swf file. The engine was updated and so were the graphics. Also, the music and sfx are all new.

Go check the game out and lemme know what you think of the game.
Sumoball 2


Sumoball got upgrades!

Check out the new Killing Grounds gameplay footage!

2009-12-03 13:34:06 by ZuiGe

We're finally done with the new game! Now it's just the matter of finding sponsors for it and then publishing it! Boy have I been waiting for this!

I'm hoping to release Killing Grounds before the 24th! Sponsors, come and find the newest addition to your website!

Have a look at the gameplay footage i uploaded on youtube:

/* */ has been launched! We're in business people!

ZuiGe's is a company that sells premium Flash products for websites who want more traffic. Developers can send their games for beta testing and clean up here. We also handle the marketing, so that the developers get to focus on their games instead of money.

We're trying to make the deal as fair as possible for you so our company philosophy is "You do 100% of the work, you get 100% of the profit. You do 50% of the work, you get 50% of the profit."

ZuiGe's is looking for talented game developers and other artists to join the team. Learn more at

Be sure to check out the new site and if interested, contact me! Sponsors and developers are welcome!

ZuiGe's flash game development studios launched

Hey there!

It's been quite a moment since I last updated this. A year actually.. Well, at least im doing this regularly. Hehe..
I finally got my newest game done, Ultimate Rally Challenge '08 Took me about 7 months to finish this. Quite a big project. I've spent hundreds of hours making this so please go check it out! It hasn't got too much attention yet.
Schools are starting again, yay. My last year. Hope this one will be good and will give me time to do something new with flash. If nothing else I hope I'll learn something new about math that I can use in flash.
So yea, see you guys and thanks for checking out my page! Cheers!

School, Job, Flash etc.

2007-08-13 16:22:16 by ZuiGe

This fall sure has been busy... School just started and I just got a part time job. : ) Also, i'm trying to do some stuff with flash. How am i supposed to do that? I mean i get up at 6.45 in the morning, i go to school for 6-7 hours, i have to work for 4 hours, then i need to do my hw, do my chores and... if im lucky, i'll have some time to open my comp. and chat with my friends for a while. Oh well... i guess i need to focus on my job and school now...

I have a Flash game project called Tank Arena. It seems nice, but im having some problems with the engine... Luckily, i know this awesome guy, Flame862 (check his movies!) He's helping me with Tank Arena.

At the moment im working on a bot for the AS wars on NG forums. Liger. I think she's pretty cool, but very unstable... She doesn't stand a chance winning the competition yet, but she'll do fine. : )

Anyways, since this is my first blog thingy. Please comment me : )