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Sumoball got upgrades!

2010-05-08 04:49:30 by ZuiGe

Hay guys!

Yesterday, I made a big change to one of my best known flash submissions. I revised my game Sumoball, which got frontpaged quite a while ago. The submission name was changed to Sumoball 2 and I uploaded a brand new .swf file. The engine was updated and so were the graphics. Also, the music and sfx are all new.

Go check the game out and lemme know what you think of the game.
Sumoball 2


Sumoball got upgrades!


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2010-05-08 10:12:04

I left a review.

ZuiGe responds:

Thank you! I found it very helpful!


2010-05-08 10:30:08

not any more its not


2013-09-09 23:45:40

I also left a review on this guy's recent LD 27 submission (on the NG page)

I think it will impart some very important advise to this guy but he won't take it the right way and so, though everything I say WILL sink in and have the desired effect of maturing him and getting rid of some of his bad habits, he won't be aware of it for awhile :)