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School, Job, Flash etc.

2007-08-13 16:22:16 by ZuiGe

This fall sure has been busy... School just started and I just got a part time job. : ) Also, i'm trying to do some stuff with flash. How am i supposed to do that? I mean i get up at 6.45 in the morning, i go to school for 6-7 hours, i have to work for 4 hours, then i need to do my hw, do my chores and... if im lucky, i'll have some time to open my comp. and chat with my friends for a while. Oh well... i guess i need to focus on my job and school now...

I have a Flash game project called Tank Arena. It seems nice, but im having some problems with the engine... Luckily, i know this awesome guy, Flame862 (check his movies!) He's helping me with Tank Arena.

At the moment im working on a bot for the AS wars on NG forums. Liger. I think she's pretty cool, but very unstable... She doesn't stand a chance winning the competition yet, but she'll do fine. : )

Anyways, since this is my first blog thingy. Please comment me : )


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2007-09-30 23:32:38

Hey hows it going? Heres a comment... u should try having homework for advanced placement homework... lol read a 20 page chapter in one night, do 5 different reveiws ( we dont know which one my teach will base the test off of) and then all my other homework. No time for job and hardly enough time for flash.... well gl with ur projects n stuff...


2008-02-11 23:17:54

do ur work and shcool first its more inportant

i hope u do ur flash lol...


2008-03-20 22:40:48

If you got the will, nothing can get in your way!


2008-03-29 16:18:09

I thought u said ur colour blind?


2008-08-03 23:30:10

Oh yeah, I did reccomend it to driving collection by the way, I´d love to see more games made by you...Hey your from Finland! Im Swedish heh.

Take care, good luck and all the friendly shit.