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Check out the new Killing Grounds gameplay footage!

2009-12-03 13:34:06 by ZuiGe

We're finally done with the new game! Now it's just the matter of finding sponsors for it and then publishing it! Boy have I been waiting for this!

I'm hoping to release Killing Grounds before the 24th! Sponsors, come and find the newest addition to your website!

Have a look at the gameplay footage i uploaded on youtube:

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2009-12-03 16:58:34

Dude the game looks awesome
I can't wait to play it, how many weapons?
Different enemies?

(Updated ) ZuiGe responds:

Don't worry, there'll be plenty of different weapons and different enemy types + bosses, as you can see from the trailer. I'm sure you'll enjoy the sandbox mode. ;)

You choose the difficulty level when starting a new game.

Glad to hear you're excited! Just waiting for the proper time to publish! :)