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ZuiGe's flash game development studios launched

2008-08-24 16:17:08 by ZuiGe has been launched! We're in business people!

ZuiGe's is a company that sells premium Flash products for websites who want more traffic. Developers can send their games for beta testing and clean up here. We also handle the marketing, so that the developers get to focus on their games instead of money.

We're trying to make the deal as fair as possible for you so our company philosophy is "You do 100% of the work, you get 100% of the profit. You do 50% of the work, you get 50% of the profit."

ZuiGe's is looking for talented game developers and other artists to join the team. Learn more at

Be sure to check out the new site and if interested, contact me! Sponsors and developers are welcome!

ZuiGe's flash game development studios launched


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2008-08-24 20:49:35

That's a bad name for a website. Good luck though.

ZuiGe responds:

haha, was always bad with names but meh.


2008-08-31 13:57:52

The name of your website should have something to do with you, or the content of your website.
I don't see how ZuiGe's has anything to do with you.

Anyway, GREAT website, can't wait to see this develop and I'm definately checking this out every once in a while.


2008-08-31 14:00:57

Oh, and I'd love to be a beta tester. For free, unless you only want me when you pay me ;)


2008-09-06 09:49:59

can i join? i can do some art for games and might be able to do storylines maybe. :)


2009-09-13 11:41:08

good for you :)